Some Call Us Balkans

Some Call Us Balkans (SCUB) aims to enhance intercultural dialogue between artists, cultural operators and the general public, within the Western Balkans and the EU, to create positive messages that debunk myths and misconceptions about the Balkans.

The project brings together a large consortium of partners and local NGOs as a interdisciplinary collective from different parts of Europe,  to create spaces of encounter that transgress the borders of nationalism. SCUB is a transdisciplinary inquiry that since 2017 has explored and mobilised moments of collective imagination, research and multivocal representations of the Balkan region beyond borders and nationalisms.

We aim to enhance intercultural dialogue between artists, cultural operators as well as the general public in the area by creating spaces of encounter, confrontation and imagination both in the physical and digital realm. Some Call us Balkans (SCUB) project partners will conduct a series of actions whose outcome will be a mobile forum imagined as a platform for questioning, discussing and imagining different narratives of the region that defy the constraints of national borders and ethnic separation.

On the basis of an initial collection of myths and legends of the contemporary Balkans, looking at themes such as migration, gender equality, monuments, rurality, the arts, ruins, right to the city and equity, the partners will promote an open call in their local contexts. Selected travellers, the mobile forum, the route and the journey are the key elements to involve as many local communities as possible, in order to raise their capacity building and education.




Icse & Co




Biennale of Western Balkans


Kunstrepublik e.v.


Platform for civic engagement through artistic and cultural practices - Socio Patch


Qendra tulla




Udruženje građana Tačka komunikacije - Dotkom


Udruženje nezavisnih stvaralaca i aktivista Geto





grant awarded


(Non)Aligned Movements

Strengthening contemporary dance in the Western Balkans

(Non)Aligned Movements aims to boost the creative and collaborative potential of contemporary dance practices in the Western Balkans.

Balkan Translations Collider

The Balkan Translations Collider project aims to overcome barriers to literary cooperation, both within the Western Balkans and between the region and the EU Member States.

CAN for Balkans

Comics Alliance Networking for the Balkans

CAN for Balkans is a cross-border cultural network, enabling cooperation between artists and professionals from the world of comics in the Western Balkans and European Union.

Immersive Storytelling

This project uses digital technology to open up historical artefacts to new audiences, and aims to drive digital transformation in the cultural and creative industries.

Manifesta 14 Prishtina

Manifesta, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art strives to promote contemporary arts as a force for social and economic change. The 14th edition will take place in Prishtina, Kosovo in 2022.


Re-branding of Cultural Institutions in the Western Balkans

The ReCulture project aims to build the visibility and modernise the appearance of Western Balkan cultural institutions.

Regional Lab

Regional Lab aims to develop inclusive and innovative models for cultural projects, based on existing knowledge and experience from the civil sector, to provide sustainable and stable cultural co-operation in the Western Balkans.


Redesigning playscapes with children in the Western Balkans

Redesigning Playscapes with Children aims to create community driven playscapes, created with children and customised according to the children’s needs. The project is driven by the vital need to provide space in urban spaces for free play.

Rise of Women in Culture

in the Western Balkans

The project will develop a Western Balkans network of curators, and a regional virtual reality platform, to foster the creation of visual art from young female artists from the Western Balkans.


Sharpening the capacities of the classical music industry in the Western Balkans

#Synergy aims to overcome the obstacles which currently threaten the art music sector in the Western Balkans.

The Ways of the Heroes

The Ways of the Heroes project aims to put the spotlight on positive role models for environmental change, and create contemporary art that addresses important issues in our societies.

Translation in Motion

Translation in Motion aims to increase the flow of literary translations from smaller European languages within the EU and the Western Balkans, and develop the infrastructure, capacity and skills that support literary translations to reach the market.